Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fran's Life Goes On...the rename

I decided to rename my blog. I don't know who I am blogging to...it doesn't really matter. I want to be known for what I create in life, and my divorce is only a very small part of that. My divorce will end, since it cannot live past my own life. There are more important things in my life, like my children, who will live on past my divorce, and hopefully both live long and productive lives. If they both live to be 100, they will have to outlive me....I doubt I will make it to 135, which is how old I would have to live to outlive them both living to be 100!

So, my life DOES go on....in spite of my own dire predictions that it would not go on if my marraige ended. The only thing my marraige is still alive in is legality. He hasn't lived here for 2-1/2 years, and is not contributing financially to our well being. I am happier than I had been with him for many years. I can only expect my happiness to increase as time goes on.

Time really does heal. I experienced many losses in a short period of time, and I hurt so bad I couldn't imagine healing, and yet I am healing. The main thing I can say about that is healing takes time, and time takes time. It just can't be rushed, or ignored. When I tried to do either of those things in the past, it only postponed the time needed, it didn't shorten it. Like not letting a wound heal properly, the partially knitted skin will rip open easily, then taking even longer to heal, potentially leaving a bigger scar. Or maybe you only let the surface heal and an abscess develops beneath. Perhaps that is what has happened to people who seem very bitter.

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