Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drawing Every Day for 30 days

I have been in a serious funk lately.  I start to come out of it, and then boom I'm right back there again.  I was seriously ill November through mid January, so I am sure that contributed to it.  Now I am back to work, part time, increasing slowly so I don't relapse.  It is exhausting me though, which doesn't help with the funk.

Now, I know drawing is very therapeutic for me.  Whenever I draw, doodle, sketch or paint it makes me feel good.  The problem is when I am in a funk I don't want to do anything, even if I KNOW it will make me feel better.

While surfing one of the drawing groups I belong to on Flickr I saw a lady who had joined a challenge to draw every day for a year.  That sounded like a good idea, except I decided to make it 30 days for now, since it is a smaller bite to chew, and I will have a "win" sooner.  I can always extend it.  I started on the 28th of January, so here's what I have done so far;

Drawing Every - Day  1- Jan 28

This was my first drawing with my new Hero Japanese Calligraphy Fountain Pen, which I LOVE.  More about the pen later.

Drawing Every  - Day  2- Jan 29

Bird of Insanity
It's a bird?  It has a bird beak, it has bird feet...the rest is insanity

Drawing Every  - Day  3- Jan 30

Mrs. Valentine
Be nice....she's in charge of Valentines Day.  One friend of mine said she could tell by the eyes that it is a self portrait, while another told me it looks like she had found the mushroom patch.  (shhhhh...don't tell anyone).  They gave me a much needed laugh!

Drawing Every Day - Day 4 - Jan 31

Controlled Insanity
Drawing controls my insanity.  It calms me down, is meditative and makes me smile.  My ex used to make a lot of comments about the time and money I spend on art, when I should be doing something more "constructive"  like cleaning the house. I responded he was lucky I did spend the time and money on drawing, or I may have murdered him.  He no longer comments about my art, except in positive way.  One of my friends sees hats in this one, and has requested hats.


Drawing Every Day - Day 5 - Feb 1

Happy Sun
Well I tried to draw hats, but I ended up with a sun.  Judy saw something entirely different, and I think she may be right... "Now, to me, this looks like skeletal Barbie on a very bad hair day. (:D"

I'm curious to know what you see in any of my drawings.  I am sure some psychoanalyst could find soe deep inner meaning to them, but who knows.  Some of my co-workers say my drawings explain a lot.....

Well, I guess we'll see what kind of drawing tomorrow (today) brings.  Ground Hog's day is my daughter's birthday, so I will at least be making some kind of Bday card..  Have a GREAT day!  Fran