Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Loss of Kathreen, Founder of Whipup, and her partner...

As many of you may have heard, Kathreen and her partner Rob, both died in a tragic accident while on the trip of a lifetime, with their 2 children and some friends in Australia, last month.

She was a big part of the crafting and creating blogging world, and founder of WhipUp.  Sadly their two much loved children have been left without their parents. Blessedly the children were with people they already knew, and not alone.

There has been a fund set up for the children by Jules, and I am posting a copy of that information here, and also a button that leads to the post.

I know I am in shock, and while I couldn't do a lot, I was able to make a small donation, which if we all donate what we can, will add up to much needed help for these beautiful children.  I am also keeping them in my prayers and thoughts, along with all of the close friends and family who must be just devastated.

This text is from the May 17th post on Whip-Up.

"UPDATE: You can now contribute via PayPal. The email address is Hopefully this will remove some of the international barriers that have been encountered
For Australians :
BSB : 633-000
Account# : 149480667
Account Name : ITF Otilija and Orlando Shugg
Cheques and money orders can be sent to ITF Otilija and Orlando Shugg, PO Box 370, Dickson ACT 2602.
For International Contributions :
Account # : 633000149480667
Swift Code : BENDAU3B (International Banks will require this code)
Account Name : ITF Otilija and Orlando Shugg
Bank Details : Bendigo Bank, 161 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2602 Australia
International people may require an address for the beneficiaries as well. That is PO Box 370, Dickson ACT 2602 Australia EDIT: Overnight I have been advised that some US banks will not accept a PO Box due to money laundering legislation. The physical address for this account is a home address so please email me procrasticraft at gmail dot com for details should you require this.
Enquiries can be directed to Julie McMahon via email to procrasticraft {at} gmail {dot} com or post to  PO Box 370, Dickson ACT 2602 Australia
*All donations, no matter how big or small are gratefully received. However, due to the cost of bank processing fees, we respectfully request that donations be more than $2 as this is the charge of processing an international transaction. Should international contributors wish to send a cheque (check), the fee for processing charged by the banks in Australia is $10.
^Regrettably, contributions are not tax deductible."

Here is the html for a button that will take you to the page itself on whip up. I don't know if I am doing this right, so I will also post the web page html below and put the button on the side of my blog.  I am kind of a newbie at inserting stuff other than pictures in my posts.
This is the link to the page in bloglovin frame.
Blessings to all.  Fran