Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank You For Your Comments!!

Thank you everyone who has commented on any of my posts!  I guess I was surprised anyone was even reading it! I hope I am able to contribute something to this electronic world that has given me so much. Thank you everyone!

The Process Pledge.....

This is about showing the process of your projects, not just yoir finishes.  Of course I need to get better about blogging at all. The idea is a good one.I know I would like to see how people put their quilts together.  I have a quilt I am working on now using my collection of plaid and stripe squares.  I have some pictures on my  phone. I am gojng to learn to post to blogger from my phone!  So I will post the process of my projects as soon as I figure out all of this technology out! Now I will be posting the badge for showing the process on my sidebar.  Happy quilting and sewing!