Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I made a great BIG pillow for my niece, Sofia today.  It's almost 3 feet square, and is all soft and squishy.  I made it from the bag of scraps I had still left over from her quilt.  I had bought the whole bag of flannel at a thrift shop, and there were a bunch of squares cut out, which is what I used up today.  Earlier I made her a twin size quilt and then a baby doll quilt out of some extra blocks. Today I used up the last of that stash of fabric

I had no plan except to make her a pillow. I just started sewing squares together, with some sashing strips, then I had to make the other side as big as the first side.There were lots of different sized squares and I added sashing from a large chunk I had.  I must say it's a little bigger than I meant to make it, but she'll probably like it being big. I really like it...going to be hard to give up.

Here's some pictures of it.

I am really happy with how the pillow turned out, especially since I was really just winging it.  It did give me some practice on matching seams up, which I really need.  Not everything matches, but pillows are very forgiving, and so are 3 year olds!

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