Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shhhh...It's a Secret -- Where I Get My Best Deals

So this is a big secret...really.  Where I get my BEST deals.  ALWAYS.  Thrift stores are great, but did you know there are OUTLET Thrift Stores?  Well, at least the Goodwill has one, actually two in my area.  They sell stuff by the pound mostly, and some stuff by the piece.  Cheap.  

It's no secret I LOVE vintage sheets.  I have a hard time finding them at my regular thrift shops.  Then I found there is a Goodwill Outlet store closer than Seattle, there's one in Everett!  1.09 per pound over 50 pounds, 1.49 per pound under 50 pounds for clothes and linens.  That makes a nice vintage sheet like a buck!  Compared to 6 - 10 bucks at the regular thrift shop. Cool.  WAY Cool.

I got a bunch of, like DOZENS of vintage patterns that came to like 9 pounds.  Cool.  Everything is in bins, HUGE bins.  Be prepared to dig, because you will find treasures.  Vintage lace and crocheted doilies, hand sewn quilt blocks, huge body pillows (pillows are all 99 cents) a couple of goose down comforters (all blankets are 1.99 each). TONS of fabric  That's some of what I got yesterday.  Oh, and of course vintage sheets.  LOTS of vintage sheets, plus a complete set of plaid flannel sheets for my nephew.  FILLED my van for less than $100.  Did I mention the 2.99 microwave and the 4.99 chair?

Go see if you have a Goodwill Outlet in your area. 

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