Thursday, August 13, 2009

Focus Friday

Well, my house is looking better this week than last week, so I think my focus is improving. It is rubbing off on my roommate also, who is trying to pick up after herself.

Steven, a friend of mine's high functioning autistic young man, has been staying with us. He is a very sweet young man, and has been helping me with Donna and he loves to organize things, which is not my strong point. He has been a HUGE help in my house looking better, and Donna's health turning around 180 degrees. We were about to call in hospice, and when he started staying here, everything changed!

So my focus this week will continue to be the living areas of my house, specifically the mountain of mail to be sorted, my bedroom floor, and laundry -- including putting away all of the clean stuff.

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MyLinda said...

It sounds like with your friends help you are headed in the right direction with organization, way to go!!

Thank you so much for your comment! I was worried when I wrote the post that I would get bashed about using melatonin but as you said I'm trying to do this naturally. There may come a time when she needs meds as she is showing signs of ADD but I will try anything I can before that to help her.

I have been told that melatonin shouldn't be used long term because like using chapstick too much will eventually lead to your body not making enough natural lip oils that taking melatonin too long will make your body slow down it's production therefore making you rely on the supplement more. What are your ideas on that?