Friday, August 7, 2009

Focus Friday

Well, I guess I missed last Friday, and certainly this past week was NOT very focused. I live in the Greater Seattle area, actually out in the middle of nowhere, and Everett is probably the closest town you have heard of if you aren't from the area, but ANYWAY, we had a record heat wave last week, which melted me, and this week my feet swelled up as I guess a late reaction. I am finally back to normal today, so we will try for focus again.

This coming week I want to focus again on my kitchen. It's overall level of cleanliness is better than it has been, but still has a long way to go on the organization... I want to focus on the island, with it's pile of junk mail, and the computer alcove with it's pile of unrelated junk. The other thing I would like to focus on is the family room coffee table, which has a huge pile of stuff too. Plus I would like to make sure I send a few boxes of stuff OUT the door and too a charity.

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