Monday, October 28, 2013

I'M TATTING!!!! My very first ring!

Today was a low energy day, so inspired by a vintage tatting shuttle in my case I started watching tatting videos on YouTube.  I have always wanted to tat, since I was a child.  I don't really know why.... I remember a childhood friend, Catherine Thompson, telling me about tatting, and then later my dad picked up a few tatting shuttles in his wanderings.  I don't know how I knew they were tatting shuttles, but I did. Now I have those tatting shuttles, and a few more that have wandered in with sewing supplies, and today finally, a few months before I turn 50, was THE day.

Now, this  may not seem like much, but even after watching a couple of different people explain and show it different ways, it takes some patience and some practice, a bit over an hour, to get this very first ring.  Everyone else in my house is asleep, and I have been neglecting my blog, so here I am, showing the internet my first ring.  I am sure many more will be forthcoming, along with picots and chains, because those are the  only stitches you need in tatting.  But THIS is a BEGINNING. YAY!!

Well, I'm off to practice more rings, and then some sleep.  I will show you more later, hopefully better shots, and more interesting results, but it is a begining!!

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