Friday, December 12, 2008


This is a copy of an email I sent an Etsy jewelry artist I REALLY liked! She has great designs! Simple and STUNNING! I am posting the email as well as a link to her store on etsy. I am always amazed at what kinds of insights I can have when I am writing. This one really just started out as a quick "love your stuff" and turned into a long missive....

Kaskaad's etsy shop: Kaskaad: Beautiful Beads, Simple Designs.

The email I sent her:

I have to tell you I am absolutely enthralled by your beautiful creations! I love your use of crystal and other components. They complement each other to make a beautiful and unique statement! I am sure you are very successful in selling your wonderful jewelry. I cannot imagine anyone not liking it!! Your work is a wonderful inspiration to me. When I am in a more stable financial position I will be adding some of your wares to my jewelry collection!

Some people do not understand why one jewelry maker would want to purchase a piece of jewelry from another artist, when they could perhaps make something themselves. I think it is of the utmost value to support one another, and applaud one another.

At this time I am not selling anything as I try to put some kind of organization (organized mess) and order to my sometimes chaotic and cluttered home and life. I find it interesting that the state of my home often reflects the state of my mind. I am going through a divorce, and am finally at the point where I am trying to re-form the house into something I want to live in, with my eldely roommate and my 9 year old daughter. Something that will inspire all of our creativity and bring us joy.

In my marraige of 22 years my art was not appreciated or even allowed at some points. This was going on for at least the last 9 to 10 years of the marraige, which I did not see at the time. It has taken the past 2 years of having him out of the house for me to even begin to unlock my creativity again. As I rediscover my creative side and add more joy to my life, I look forward to creating beautiful things and having them bless other people as well as myself, as I am sure your pieces do.

Thank you for listening (reading?) I really do absolutely LOVE your creations! I wish you the best of success. Thank you for the joy and inspiration your work has given me. One day I will own some of it so it can inspire me in person! Keep on creating! Fran

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